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>> we have the last minute traveling tips you need to know. and violence continues to escalate in israel and gaza. the death toll is climbing and there are talks of a cease far. new at 11:00 starts now. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron for news at 11:00 starts now. >> thanks give sight around the corner and travelers are facing long lines at the airport. we are live at sfo. scott, what could travelers be
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bracing for? >> reporter: well, the lines have been very long. they died down a little bit, bookie tell you the air court expects 1 million travels to come through here this season. about 30 minutes ago, this gives you an idea how busy it got in the security line here. you can see this from the bottom. lots of people waiting. people told me they waited up to an hour to get through. according to aaa. more than 5 million california people plan to travel. a record amount of passengers are expected, 3% more travelers this year than last year. all people here tell me they are ready for it. >> it has definitely been a hassle. >> of course, but you leave time for it. you think ahead and plan ahead. you deal with all these time
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snafus. >> just come early. >> reporter: i checked with aaa. they said the busiest travel day will be friday. >> all right, scott, we will have more on what toic perfect if you are trayfulling coming up a little later in the newscast. in other bay area news, the police association is offering a $10,000 reward for a suspect involveed in a crime spree. the person is behind bars tonight. it is in connection with a series of robberies. a murder and carjacking and shoot out with police. wilbanks was one of two men in the car that led to a police chase where an officer was shot twice. that officer is expect today be okay. the second suspect is still at large. police have identified the
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victim of a shooting. kudlep was fatally shot sitting in his vehicle on ivy drive. witnesses saw two people fleeing the area. that investigation is ongoing. four of the five recent burglaries in san francisco have involved people using cell phones. they are not aware of people around them. all the crimes, the thieves grab the phone and took off or they were assaulted. and as reggie kumar tells us, police are still looking for two suspects who violently attacked an elderly man for his phone. >> reporter: these are photographs o the robbers that assaulted an elderly man october 24. they are white males 20 to 25
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years old. 160-pounds. one had a t shirt that said giants, an orange giants baseball cap. the second had a black baseball caps with a giant logo on the front. san francisco police said the two suspects punched and kicked the 63-year-old male victim in the face. then they grabbed the victim's cell phone and took off through the metreon behind me. many cell phone users know about the crime, but it is not preventing some of them from still using their phone in public. >> i'm not particularly afraid of cell phone theft primally because i don't think you have to worry about it anymore than any kind of things you have to be careful about in the city. >> i have heard story of people
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having their headphones ripped out, but i don't text on the bus or something. >> in san francisco reggie kumar. surveillance video somehows three men storming into del williams jewelers. they tried to steal rolex watches. the glass didn't break. the fourth man was the get away driver. all four believed to be between 20 and 25 years old. they may be connected to other robberies in the area. san francisco fire investigators are trying to figure out the house fire at gary and 47 this afternoon. it started on the first floor of the home. fire caused minor damage to two homes on either side. all of the residents made it out without injury.
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fine investigators said the home that caught fire is uninhabitable. >> it did take over two floors of this building in the rear. but, and, charred the side buildings, also, the bravo and delta exposure were affected somewhat. not seriously. in any major way. we are still under investigation as to where the cause, what the cause is and we do know that it did start at 4:25. >> one firefighter was treated for amie your injury. the red cross the is helping the victims. lots of clouds in the skies and they are producing a little bit of sprinkle activity. notice the green, most of this is drying up before it hits the ground. but a few sprinkles, light showers were reported in the santa rosa. for the most part, we will see the clouds for tonight.
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it is not out of the question we see more sprinkles in the north bay tomorrow and into the afternoon hours. those showers part of a larger system that's really impacting points to the north around crescent city. that is where the substantial rain is falling. there is another weather system coming that will impact us with another round of rain tuesday night and wednesday. tomorrow morning, lit be a mixture of clouds and sunshine, more sun further south. mostly sunny for the south bay. mostly cloudy with the north bay with a chance of sprinkles in and around santa rosa. ly talk about the rain and the holiday forecast in a few minutes. >> the days of public nudity allowed in san francisco may be over and tensions in gaza and israel intensify. gas prices dropping nearly ten
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or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >> >> this is the place for new ins the morning. >> we do six hours of news. if it is happening about it, you will find out about it on
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francisco, a vote set for tuesday will decide the fate of a law that will prohibit nudity in most public places. it represents an escalation of a two year fight of nudists and their supervisor. it would be illegal for anyone over the age of five to expose their genitals in public. the proposal has sparked nude to tests and a lawsuit. coming up a scary close call for a journalist overseas. why anker son cooper had to duck for cover during a live report. plus, tips for travel during the holiday season. coming up next.
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>> the death toll is rising and israeli troops are significantly escalating military operations against palestine. you can see the bombing on the gaza strip behind me. president obama called for peace in the region. >> reporter: as israel mobilizes reserves on the border. president obama is supporting their need to defend themselves while holding out hope for peace. >> those who champion the cause of the palestinians should
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recognize that if we see a further escalation of the situation in gaza, then the likelihood of us getting back on any kind of peace track that leads to a two-state solution is going to be pushed off way into the future. >> reporter: during a meeting in injure jerusalem, the prime minister says they will expand operations if necessary. with fatalities rising, the health minister spoke out against the military actions. >> today is a massacre against gaza people. this continuousest collation. today, we have observed a massacre by the israeli, inhabited -- >> they are blamed for both civilian and military deaths.
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>> the last week is really really scary. it's very intense and life is very, very, we are all the time alert and looking around in shelter around us because nothing is secure. >> hamas officials say they will consider a cease fire with israel is certain conditions are met. journalists are flocking to gaza to get an up close look at the deadly missile attacks. here is a look from anderson cooper who was live when an explosion went off. >> two media centers, whoa! [gunfire] >> that was a rather large explosion. that occurred, if you look out here. i can't see where the impact was. it set off a number of car alarms, but that was probably the largest explosion we heard in the past, really in the past
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hour. there have been a number of explosions in the past hour or two, but that one was pretty loud. >> and in other world news, president obama landed just a few hours ago for a historic visit in mianmar. his first home was at the home of prodemocracy chi. mianmar which use today be burma has emerged from military rule. mike pelton shows us the recent drop in gas prices has led to a rise of drivers. >> reporter: for many drivers, the outrage is over. >> it was really frustrating. >> reporter: after weeks of record setting prices at the pump, the cost of gas is plum
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eting down across most of the bay area. >> i'm glad. >> reporter: now there is less of a pinch at the pump, drivers say the money they save goes a long ways. >> the fact it is enabling us to travel more at christmas time. >> less inclined to buy an electric car. >> the money will stay in my bank. >> reporter: while prices are lower, 3.75 a gallon is still not considered cheep cheap. >> i pay whatever it is. that's the price of america, baby. especially california. >> reporter: and that price is dropping right before turkey day travel. now the question is not when prices will fall, but by how much. in san mateo, mike. many residents are trying to find ways to beat the rush. in previous years, the wednesday before thanksgiving
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and the sunday after have been the most hectic, but this year, a lot of people are taking the whole week off so delays could be every. but there are still some good deals if you want to know which days to pick. >> now there is what i call the thanksgiving sweet spot. if you haven't made your plans yet, if you can travel on thanksgiving day, the friday after or the saturday in the middle, you are like throw find a lot of people are at home at that time. the airports will not be crowded. a few people may only want to be home a few days. a good idea is to travel thanksgiving day. even at this very last minute, you will be able to find some decent fares if you travel thanksgiving day. >> travel expert chris may note there are delays after the break when the business commute picks back up as the holiday stragglers continue home.
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ski resorts are opening up thanks to a string of storms to the sierra nevada. those open are braille, heavenly, north wood, and valley. alpine meadows will open on december 7. and there's another winter storm coming in for tuesday and wednesday into the sierra, but know levels will be relatively high to start. they will fall as we get through the rest of the system, but it looks like at 6,000 feet, it might be all rain. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. clouds. into the evening hours, but some breaks of sunshine as we go into the day tomorrow. right now, temperatures mild in the 50s for alameda, san francisco, san jose 55 degrees.
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low 50s for fairfield. so look for the clouds and some patchy fog in the north bay valleys. it could be dense around santa rosa. one of the popular spots for fog. now tomorrow, there could be a few more light showers for sonoma county. in tuesday, we will see partly sunny skies, but the clouds will thicken. by evening, the next system arrives with a chance for rain expected to go into thursday morning. good now news, though, looks like only a tenth of an inch for that system. here is the one for tonight. it is staying to the north. all of the significant rain is around crescent city. this is is the tuesday storm in the pacific. it will slide a little further to the south. what we get will be limited. we will be on the tail end of the system.
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so the rain will not be too heavy. here's the futurecast. noon tomorrow looking add clouds and sunshine. watch for a few blips showing up to the north of santa rosa. those are the sprinkles that will affect the weather in the north bay tomorrow evening. you will notice they show up a little more as we go into tuesday morning and by tuesday afternoon, a band of rain begins to make its way to the south. here is 5:00 p.m. there it is in the north bay. it will push through the rest of the area tuesday night and into wednesday morning. temperatures for tomorrow morning, 40s cooler spots north bay. 50s by the bay. highs will be in the low to mid 06s so a pretty nice day with breaks of sunshine in there. tuesday, the rain doesn't come until late in the day. we will see morning showers wednesday but improving conditions wednesday afternoon and the rest of the holiday weekend looks great. thursday, friday, saturday,
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sunday, mostly sunny. tonight marks the winter interface homeless shelter. people were bundled up waiting to get in. with recent cold and wet weather, the shielder couldn't be opening at a better time. the 22nd emergency center allows homeless men to stay a week at a time. they are given two meals a day and a warm bed. >> i'm thankful to get off the streets with the rain coming in. >> i'm happy. [laughter] >> the first 100 men who stand in line everyday sunday through february 23 will be allowed to stay in the shelter. the city of san francisco as well as 30 congregations from all denominations pay for the program. coming up after the break, with the raiders in action, we will break down the games and give you an update on 49ers
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reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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>> the oakland raiders lost their third straight day in a row losing to the new orleans saints. -- carson palmer threw one interception only to throw another one in the end zone.
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the raiders are sitting at 3 and 7 to cincinnati tee to play next week. golden state warriors lost to the oklahoma city thunder 119 to 109. david lee had another solid game with 18 points and ten rebounds. the warriors are in the top of a road trip with a win over the timer wolves. now they will finish against the mavericks. the 49ers are showing down against the chicago bears. -- expected to start but the official announcement. the official one won't come until 90 minutes before kickoff and we wish him well. >> absolutely. >> so you say it will be clear for tomorrow? >> yes, we will see some sun and some cloud. nice temperatures. getting up into the low to mid
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60s, there might be a couple of sprinkles around santa rosa and point to the north. otherwise, a nice monday. we have wet weather tuesday night and wednesday. >> but turkey day. >> looks great, lots of sun. >> great, goodnight everybody. woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee
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and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.

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